lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Pretty woman 2

Emma Corrigan is a marketing assistant at Panther Corporation, a drinks company. She lives and works in London, and she is a hard-working woman because she´d like being promoted to marketing executive. This is her priority, in fact she thinks she is a marketing executive. She is waiting for an opportunity.
First: job. Second: love, friends, family...
A travel by plane, a stressed situation in the air, meet a stranger man, come back home and job, meet the Panther Corporation founder, and two secrets: one (or some) herself, and other one she has to keep.
Can you keep a secret? (Dial Press. New York. 2004. 357 pgs), by Sophie Kinsella, is a personal and crazy adventure which Emma rethinks her set of values; a travel between that we do because of society, and that we do by instinct, especially in a limit situation (in a personal way).
Love or job. Family and friends or money. That´s the question. What do you think?.
This book remembers me Pretty woman. It could be.

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