viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

Seven is... a film

Seven is the second english book I have ever read. The first was Walkabout; I read it when I studied at High School, and I don´t remenber neither the plot nor if I liked it. I have read Seven now because my english teacher at Jaen´s Languages Official School said it: it was an homework.
I think a book is always better than the film based on it. The book is the original, the first, a story has been written to be read, and not to be watched. The film is a copy, a translation to audiovisual language but without a lot of book´s elements. So, a film is less rich, deep... than his book is.
Pilar, a partner in job, disagrees with me. She saids a book and a film are two different things. We must not compare they. We spend some days reading a book, and we only spend two or two and half hours watching a film. She is right probably, but it could be other reason to say a book is better than his film is.
However, this time is different. Seven (the book) is a novel based on the Seven´s (the film) screenplay, a film´s brief (49 pages)... only a way to practise English.

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